Depositing, Refund, Transfer

3 months ago

Students having lunch at school

       Depositing Funds

1. Point&Pay

This program allows parents to deposit lunch funds via the internet.

There is a convenience fee per transaction and allow 30 minutes to post to account.

This link is located in the Quick Link box on the homepage.

2. Cash

Place in a sealed envelope with your student's full name written on the outside.

3. Checks

Make checks payable to Paris Elementary and write student name on the memo line.

Food Pyramid

         Refund Request

If you would like a refund of your child's meal account, you must call the Food Service Director, Ashley Preece, located at the middle school 208-847-2255.

Student eating lunch

          Money Transfer

Money transfers may be made from one family member's account to the other by calling the Paris Elementary Secretary

at 208-945-2113.

Free/Reduced Application

Located in forms under the parent resource section.

By Kris Peterson